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How to Use

Install the extension at

You can change the default settings by clicking on the in the lower left-hand corner.

Double click the temperature in the upper right-hand corner to temporarily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Click on New York News to get the top five articles from the New York Times.

Hover over the article titles for a short description of the article.

Click ‘Links’ to view your saved links. Click the plus button at the bottom of the section to add a link.

About Us

Sean Choi

Sean is interested in applying design thinking across the business, something he studied as an industrial engineer at school. He loves to code in Central Park on weekends and build something people love.

Bradley Showalter

Bradley works as a web developer in Midtown with Sean. When not building awesome websites, he enjoys reading, drinking delicious beer, and commanding the armies of the underworld in battle.

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If you have any questions, features you'd like to see, or find any bugs, send us a message below!

All of our photos are taken by New Yorkers around New York. Send us your photos or Instagram account, along with how you'd like to be credited, and we'll feature you on our site!

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